Hycoo Poems In English Version

Sun in the East
Celestial Engineer
surveys the Earth

Crescent Moon
Rewedding of
Widowed Sky
the very next day

Degree Certificate
Sea change of holy vessel
to a Beggar’s bowl-
Degree Certificate

Washerman made
Identity marks on
the Blue Shawl of Sky

Fair Price Shop
Abstract Commodities available
Fairness & Justice for cost!
Fair price shop

One Look!
One Stroke
Thousand Shocks

My Parker loves her more
will write
it only on her.

Todays Tamil women
Valiant gradmother chased a tiger
Hevis are chasen
by cockroaches!

Nursery Schools
Preliminary Training
for Weight-lifting
forced upon Kids

Love to Save
Love is a catalyst
shaving Bill saved &
Bank Balance Boosted

Heavy showers!
former at cheers
Trader are tears

Free Noon meals
Regular Full Attendance
Children Cheerful
noon meals offered!

Kindness to goat
Nutricious feeding to goat
not for Mercy
but for Flesh!

Tomorrow’s food
Paddy fields “Upgraded”
Sky-seraper Buildings
Air only to Eat

Bus halted!
Bus on road stopped a while!
Passenger made cold!
Street vender feld warm

No wonder
Father and son
found in same “Q”
Employment Exchange

Vivid illustration’s
Darwin’s Theory.

Martyr Candle
Self Immolation
By the Martyr!
The candle

Sandal paste
Squeezed & crushed
But pleased to
Bestow Fragrance!

Drum of Music
Hit Worst
Still yields sweet fruits
Noble Drum!

Ink Mark
Ink Mark on finger
poverty mark in life
election rewards

Oh! Dew
Letter From Moon
to Lily Lover.

Day of Polling!
Miracles happen!
Even Resurrection!

Round Sears of Burn
Sweet Music is Born
Oh flute.

Sun at Envy
Sun star at envy!
My lady looks &
Lotus buds open!

Fore Teller

Cat as throphe
Broken house fell
on the foreteller

Experience & Enjoy
Feel & Reel
Wondrous Love

Given the Grow
never stolen
Novel Treasure.

Bured by whores
Affairs in Despair
AIDS is Crux!

In Love
No Sleep! No Worries!
Look Like Deaf & Dumb!
Oh! In Love!

Please Invent
Please invent a tool
To read the human mind!

Stars of Sky
Blue cloth torn off!
Sky too Poor!
Oh stars!

Thanks to Polling
Street Lights function
Roads are trim/neat
Election Announced!

They are made
Not in Heaven
But in purses

New mountain
Himalaya outdone
By heap of applications
From job hunting lads.

Today’s Youths
Purchased by Dowry
A sincere husband
Even to a Dead body

Utility of Degree certificate
useless to secure job
But fruitful to achieve dowry

Kitchens of Have-nots
permanent free motels
for rats & cats

Peral Gained!
Single Dive!
Won  Her Love!

Scientifi Inventions
foul smelling supesrtitions
Television Serials

Busy bee yesterday
lazy Ass today
Television is the cause

Price Spiral
Only Ups
No Downs
Cost of Commodities

Charming Assistance
Helps her wear saree!
Not her life partner!
Show case lady Doll!!

from cradle to cemetery
never ending omnipresence&
Unjust omnipotence

Billing Day
None is common
Everyone is Royal
the day of polling


Enjoy one holiday
To choose five-year slavery
with Torture & Worry

Everyone is noble
Only while asleep

Mother nature frowns
earth Baby weeps!
Tempest Day!

Earth Quake
Mother Earth in total wrath
All Children Tremble
Earthquake happens

Employment Exchange
novel “BODHI” Tree
educates on enrolement
”education is waste”

The Speaker of
SKY Assembly

Who will stitch
Long blue cloth!
Torn! Oh stars!

Eighth Wonder
New (Eighth) wonder
Our MLA is
Visible at our town!

It is certain!
Omission of "Un"-Prefix!
Fair preice Shops!

Grief & Worry
Vanished away!
She looked at me

Seated in my room
I Travelled the Globe!

God Prayed!
No Car festival!
No More Mutiry!
Deity Prayed for!

New Algebra
She also!
Another Algebra alive!
Hard to Understand

Result of Love
Hard Miser!
Ourel Shylock!
Before falling in love!

Fair Price she
Under Measure!
Uppor Cot
Fair Price Shop!

Saved over months
Plundered in hours
Sweet honey!

Second Moon!
Moons are Twins!
One in Sky!
Another my Lady Love

Her Eyes
Pair of Bees
Inside a Full Moon!
Eyes of the Lady!

Sweet Verse
Written on Sky paper
by Nature Poet

Polls Approaching!
Unusually loving &
Helpful Politicians!
Elections approached!

Love Message
Pope addressed
"Love message"
from behind bullet proof cage!

Where is Rain
Harvest of Forests
Trees Slain
Pray for Rain!

Wonders Can happen
Miracles be Experienced
Simple faith!

Top Position
India also is
world Topper

Oh Tamil Nad!
Shrine for a cine actress
Worship a film actor
Tamilians are "Rational"

Moon in Miday
World Rejoiced
Moon in Broad daylight!
Elegant lady appeared!

New Engineer
Better Architect!
Fine structure at cheap cost!
The swallow!

Right Sought!
Equal rights - afterwards!
Rights for Birth needed at once!
-Female infants

Housing Site
Dead stock harvest
Poor farmerdelevered
"Plots for sale!"

Young Widows
Injestive meted
Rewedding denied!
to young widows!

No Investment!
Only Huge Gains!
Business is politics!

No Pains
Worst hit
But no Pains!
Eye shafts of Lady!

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